We are looking for active staff members!


Staff member
We are looking for active staff members.

If your interested in becoming a staff member...Please read our requirements below...

1. First and fore most you must be an active member on our website.
2. You must be able to upload daily content to our website for xenforo areas only.
3. You must be able to help other members that are looking for things we may not have.
4. You must be able to search other sites for add-ons and styles we may not have and upload them here.
5. We will be offering 1 wk trial period to anyone that is interested in doing this to become a staff member.
6. You can not be a staff member on another website, only this one if you choose to accept our terms.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be posted to this thread.

Please do not Private Message me about this staff member position, if your interested just a make a post here. We will see it.
Thank you for your time, and we all hope everyone is enjoying our website.
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